The second album from Homeland Hope

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"Life Is Tough (But I’m a Whole Lot Tougher)" from the USA-based indie-country Homeland Hope, is a catchy new single all about staying strong no matter what challenges come your way. The world can be tough and people might try and throw sand in your eyes to distract you, but if you stay true to yourself then there is nothing that can really stop you from reaching your goals."

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen of A&R Factory

“Why’s a City Babe Wearin’ Cowgirl Boots?” from the USA-based indie-country duo Homeland Hope, is a fun story about how it’s time to leave those city lights and trade it all in for a tough truck to roll in. Sung with signature charm, smooth lyrics, and guitar-playing that will have you in awe, this is a superb single about getting far away from the toxic sludge of the pollution-filled atmosphere."

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen of A&R Factory

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