For “The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity”:
“Paths Around Investment Gloom and Doom”
Paul B. Brown
The New York Times

“Lee, a former professor of finance, is a good writer. He has put together one of those books that should be an essential part of everyone’s library. Perhaps it should be a gift to every high school graduate.”
Caroline McCullagh
Mensa Bulletin

“You will put down this insightful book with a much deeper understanding of two of the more indispensable topics of the 21st century; China and sound financial practices.”
Jon Huntsman
United States Ambassador to China, 2009-2011

“This is a timely, well researched and tremendously important book showing how the Chinese have lifted standards of living for hundreds of millions.”
Maurice R. Greenberg
Chairman and CEO
C.V. Starr & Co., Inc.

“The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity highlights some fundamental lessons about wealth creation that Americans may have forgotten.”
John Allison
President and CEO
The Cato Institute

“This book will change the way you think about the Chinese…and the way you think about making the most of your money.”
Eric Tyson
Best-selling author, “Personal Finance for Dummies”

“Michael sets out a common sense approach to wealth and prosperity. It’s a must-read.”
Philip Bullen, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Fidelity Investments

“The more that things change, the more that making money depends on understanding those things that never change. In an immensely readable volume and with a compelling story, “The Chinese Way” provides precisely that.”
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Author, “Thou Shall Prosper: the 10 Commandments for Making Money”

“Michael Lee provides an exceptionally valuable handbook for anyone wishing to understand what drives Chinese attitudes about money.”
Dong Tao, Ph.D.
Chief China Economist
Credit Suisse

For "Fighting for Freedom and General Washington":
“Brimming with excitement while effectively teaching history...Lee has a real talent for capturing the young mind and conveying complex ideas in terms young readers will understand.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Lee has done an amazing job of writing a historical novel for young adults that will teach, inspire, and entertain.”
Pacific Book Review

“An excellent work of historical fiction for young adults. I would recommend it to any and all young patriots.”
Tim Hugo, Chairman of Majority Caucus, Virginia State House

“Oh, how I wish this book had been around when I was studying American history! Teens will remember this story for a very long time.”
Laurie Cockerell, founder of

“Young and old readers alike will enjoy this action-packed tale of brave 13-year-old twins, Amanda and Alexander Lee. This novel makes a fun family read-aloud and delivers a wonderful taste of American history in one story.”
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

For “Heroes of American Freedom”:
An illuminating journey through United States history told via historical writings and speeches. The compendium’s crowning achievement is how it provides context for well-known phrases…Overall, the beauty of this collection is in how it offers historical anecdotes directly from the pens and mouths of great American leaders, and Lee’s selections lead to some clever juxtapositions.”
Kirkus Reviews

“As an immigrant to America, I can only applaud any effort to remind all of us of the great traditions of liberty that animate this great country at its very roots. Michael Justin Lee has done that and more in this collection of documents and speeches. Give this to your friends and children. They will thank you.”
Samuel Gregg, D.Phil.
Director of Research
The Acton Institute