2012-2013 Academic Year

This was hands down the BEST class I have taken thus far at the business school. Professor Lee did not simply throw information at us, nor did he skim the material, he made sure we had a full in depth understanding. He was a fantastic lecturer, I was always fully engaged, which in itself is more than I can say for some other Professors. Professor Lee was extremely knowledgeable in his field and is respected and loved by all of my classmates. I have had a lot of bad Professors during my time in the Smith School, yet somehow they are still here teaching. If you get rid of Professor Lee, you will be robbing your students of one of your greatest assets.

Professor. Lee is a genius and an AMAZING professor!!! Enjoyed this class thoroughly!!

Professor Lee has changed my life. He is the best professor I have ever had in my entire life. I enjoyed going to class and most importantly, I enjoyed Finance. His teaching style was easy to follow and I have learned so much from his class.

Professor Lee is an excellent professor! He was able to take a topic that I was not interested in and make me want to major in it. I think I will remember the material for years and year to come because he made it so understandable.

Professor Lee was by far the best teacher I have ever had! Because of him and this course I am interested in pursuing a career in Finance.

The best class that I have taken at the Business School. I found the class to be very interesting and I learned a lot. Professor Lee is a great teacher and I love his teaching style. Keep up the great work!!!

There was something about Professor Lee’s teaching style that I had never experienced before, in a good way. His complete understanding of the material, theories, and how they applied to events in today’s society is without comparison in my opinion. He is one of the most articulate speakers I have ever had the chance to hear present, both in class and at optional events where he spoke. Combined with the Lunch with a Professor opportunity at the beginning of the semester, I think I was able to get a sense of what his motivations are as a professional and professor, which I appreciated and which certainly made the course that much more intriguing. Finally, he displayed a respect for our time as students and was always available for discussion about course topics, careers, or anything else for that matter.

Professor Lee’s teaching style was exactly what I look for in a professor. I felt like he did not spend time on pointless topics wasting our time, and that everything he spoke about really had worth to it. This increased my concentration level in this class ten fold compared to other classes.

Professor Lee is a gifted professor. Arguably the best professor I have ever had in the Smith School. I wish he taught all of my finance courses – I would have a much better understanding of all the material. He has an amazing ability to keep the entire class engaged during his lectures, and he has explained financial concepts in five minutes better than other professors have attempted to explain in an entire class period. Cannot speak highly enough about Professor Lee.

Professor Lee is a great professor. He was able to take a course that is very difficult and teach it in a simple manner. He taught this course so well that at times I felt like I could walk onto Wall Street and excel. (I just understood the material that much).

Professor Lee is, undoubtedly, among the best professors in the university.

I learned a lot in this class. Professor Lee far one of the best in finance and the market in general. He brings a lot of expertise and real life experiences and examples. I think anyone that is not taking this class with him is wasting his time and money. If he teaches every course in school I would take it with him.

This course was one of the most interesting courses I took this semester. The professor is knowledgable and explains the material clearly.

Prof Lee was very efficient with the use of our time and always on subject

Professor Lee is a great teacher! Unlike other professors, he makes sure that the class understands the concepts before he continues with the computations. Also, he is very patient and is willing to explain the same information 10 times until everyone understands the material we are presently learning. I wish other professors would put in the same effort in their classes.

Professor Lee has a great teaching style.

He is the man. Best professor i’ve had during my entire college career

Professor Lee is really good professor. It is easy to understand him. He provides instant feedback, easy to communicate, answers most of the questions to satisfaction.

Pr. Lee is one of the best Pr’s I have had in the business school, and talking to students with other teachers I believe that he taught in a manner that allowed me to grasp the topic significantly better than other students.

Great professor! My favorite so far!

The teacher was great and he made sure that everyone understood the material well.
Great professor.

It was easily organized, therefore, easy to understand.

Favorite professor who has obvious passion for his subject matter.

Outstanding professor! Fun class!

This was by far the most interesting class I have taken so far at the Smith School and Professor Lee’s teaching style was very practical and engaging