2011-2012 Academic Year

The Robert H. Smith School of Business needs more professors like Michael Justin Lee. By far the best professor I have had during my time at Maryland.

I really appreciated the no-nonsense teaching style. Lectures were concise and on point, and the stories told . This caught me off guard because I have never been in a class at UMD where the teacher was this efficient with everyone’s time, it was much appreciated

Professor Lee is awesome- he really cares about his students and makes class extremely interesting with all of his experiences and knowledge in the field. Probably one of the best professors I have had at UMD. He really knows what hes talking about and tries his best to make sure everyone understands the course material. I’d take another class with him just to have him as a teacher again.

Professor Lee is the best professor I have had at maryland. He explains such complex concepts in such an easy to understand way. He is an extremely talented lecturer and has enabled me to understand investing far better than any other professor.

Professor Lee is my favorite professor I have had in college, he engaged the class and made it exciting to learn. He should receive some type of award because I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

Mike Lee is the BEST professor in the business school, smart man!

One of the best teachers I have ever had in my life, he is really really good.

Professor Lee is by far the best professor I have had at the Business School. He really knows the subject of finance and teaches it really well. Has good examples to help us learn the material. A+

Lee is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He has a very thorough knowledge of the subject and is very effective in communicating and explaining everything. I thought the class was organized very well.

Professor Lee is one of the best professors I have ever had at the university of Maryland. He explained everything quite well and made sure everyone in the room understood the sometimes difficult concepts he was explaining. I really enjoyed going to class, and felt like I learned a lot with each class. Highly recommended teacher and I hope to have the opportunity to take another course with him.

The professor is one of the best i’ve had at smith. It very hard not to pay attention to him. he is a great speaker and engages the students.

Dr. Lee is incredible. I’ve never really had a professor with as extensive knowledge in a subject and was able to teach the content to the extent that Dr. Lee has done this past semester. Definitely one of the university’s best.

Teacher is an excellent communicator of course material and is well versed in the subject. Overall excellent in creating course structure and expectations.

I enjoyed this class very much, and felt that Professor Lee was able to make the class interesting. He related several topics to current news, which helped my understanding of the subject very much.

The professor was very engaging and used his experience in the field as well as the book to transmit his knowledge to us. The class was very dynamic and students participated a lot. There wasn’t any homework so most of my effort was just concentrated in getting ready for exams, which included paying really good attention to his lecture and reading the book.

I genuinely looked forward to Professor Lee’s lectures. Never before has a professor held my interest for 75 minutes consistently.

Professor Lee teaches from experience and knowledge, rather than repeating textbook information I could simply read. By attending lecture I learn much more additional material about real world investment strategies and theories.

I heard the horror stories from past Investment courses. Professor Lee was able to condense the material and break it down to it fundamentals so we could understand it. He put great emphasis on expecting students to understand the material before he move on to the next topic. Highly recommended!

-Professor Lee was very personable, and a great teacher. He was able to translate investment terminology into easily understandable terms.

This is the second class I have taken with Prof. Lee, and once again, I will say he is probably the best professor I have had at the Business School. He makes the material easy to learn by putting it in simple and practical terms. Also, he ensures that everyone fully comprehends the material. I wish he taught more courses.

Michael Lee is an excellent teacher. He is very flexible with all of us. He has extensive knowledge of the subject. I felt like he had a lot of other knowledge to pull from. He taught us things outside of the book which I appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed coming to this class.

Professor Lee is amazing. He makes the subject very interesting. He shows interest in his students.

Excellent lectures. I wish I had the opportunity to take more courses taught by this instructor.

Professor Lee is by far the best professor I have ever had at the University of Maryland. He was very helpful when students asked questions, but even more importantly, he kept the class very interested in the material. He is a great instructor. The exams were relatively hard even though I put a lot of effort into studying for them, but despite that I would take another class with Professor Lee if he offered another class next semester.

Professor Lee is always excited when teaching. He knows how to keep students engaged.

Lee is one of the best teachers I have ever had.