2010-2011 Academic Year

Professor Micheal Justin Lee is one of the rare professors that you hear all the students astonished and grateful to the way this professor teaches the material . When i am at his class i feel like i am in Harvard Business School. He is just at a level beyond most of the other professors or at least the ones i have taken classes with. Professor Lee is one of the best teacher I’d ever have!!! He is always available to help students who do not understand the materials and he is so patient. He teaches his special way so everybody can understand the materials and apply it to the real world. He is a really special person!!!!

Professor Lee arrived everyday very well prepared for his lectures and utilized the text, slideshows, and most importantly, his expertise, to convey the importance of International Finance in modern-day business. I can’t stress enough how much of a pleasure it was to finally have an instructor who really brings the world of academia and real-life scenarios together and Professor Lee’s teaching style is by far the best I have ever had. Before new topics are introduced he makes sure all students understand the previous content and questions students on a regular basis to ensure they are on board. Polite, to the point, and insightful along with highly-knowledgable all describe Professor Lee and he is a tremendous asset to UMD and the Smith School. I will miss his passion and concern and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Great teacher. Wish the Smith school had more professors that brought real-world experience into classes like Prof. Lee

Great professor. Cares about ANY student concern. Really wants to ensure that everyone is understanding every aspect of the course.

Excellent teacher. Well spoken and can clearly communicate the material. He was the best teacher in my 4 years at responding to emails almost immediately. I would definitely recommend to others.

Prof. Lee is the best professor at UMD

Good course. All business courses should be taught by this teacher.

Professor Lee is the best teacher at the business school in my opinion. He has extensive knowledge of finance and investments and was an excellent teacher.

Prof Lee is one of my favorite professors. Gives engaging lectures that make you want to go to class

Professor Lee did an EXCELLENT job teaching this course and relating material that can sometimes be interpreted as challenging to everyday life examples. Prof Lee also stimulated interest in the subject and incorporated current events and external readings so that students could make the most of his class. The practice exams were very helpful, without these problems, exam scores would have been SIGNIFICANTLY lower due to lack of practical application of the material on the slides. That being said, I enjoyed the class a lot and am very glad that I took this as an elective. Kudos to Professor Lee

he was an AMAZING TEACHER so engaging fantastic at explaining concepts he has a natural talent for teaching, and his teaching skills are an absolute gift to the business school.

Great teaching style, connects theory with real world application

Michael Lee is a great guy. Loves his students and loves his field of teaching. Highly recommend.

best teacher i have ever had


The professor is a great lecturer and is able to effectively tie the course material to current events.

very effective teacher. really wants to help students learn the material. has very extensive knowledge of the subject and can communicate concepts clearly and effectively.

professor Lee always teaches using real life examples. In the field of business this is highly required. I really like how he incorporates current events related to the lectures and explains them. This course really broadened my perspective and I learned a lot.

This teacher is an excellent teacher. Though the teacher is harder than other teachers, I would highly recommend taking classes with this teacher.

I really liked the structure of the class in that it was completely exam-based. Also, Professor Lee is such a pleasure. A breath of fresh air from the finance department.

Professor is amazing. He makes finance more conceptual than quantitative, which I found refreshing.

Teacher did an excellent job involving current events with the class material to keep it in interesting.

Professor Lee has a way of bringing his practical experience and merging it with the relevant financial and economic theory. His use of current events to help illustrate certain points also made this course quite engaging. For Professor Lee, I’d give an A+ for the reasons I mentioned initially. He is easily one of my favorite professors at College Park.

I love how he talks about the textbook materials and hands-on knowledge about these materials and compare one to another. I learned a lot from him.

love the teacher. very practical! lectures were super interesting and very current events based.

The use of current events and articles was very effective in illustrating fiannce concepts.

Professor Lee was a great teacher. Kept the class really engaged and presented material effectively. He utilized a lot of current news to demonstrate concepts, which was really helpful.