2009-2010 Academic Year

in one word, WOW. Best class I have taken in my whole schooling career. Professor Lee did an AMAZING job teaching the class! He promoted class discussions and had the background in Finance to help put what we were studying into reality. I would not only highly recommend this class but Professor Lee to anyone in the business school.

The professor was great and his teaching style is wonderful. It’s amazing how he taught us such complicated subjects so well! He was very patient, and that helped the students be comfortable in approaching him.

Professor Lee is a really great teacher! I wish some of my other teachers were half as good as professor Lee.

This is the best professor I have ever met in my entire academy life. He is able to explain VERY difficult concepts in a way that the entire class understands. He always kept the class interested and engaged. I HOPE HE BECOMES A FULL TIME PROFESSOR!!!!!!!!! He is the best professor Maryland has!

Prof. Lee is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I feel as though I learned so much from him and his classes. I would love to take another class with Prof. Lee because he makes classes easy to understand and easy to follow. He showed a great deal of experience and was able to make me want to get into the Finance field for my masters degree.

Best Instructor I have ever had. He is able to break down the hardest concepts and simplify them to ensure that everyone understand the subject prior to moving on.

professor is intimidating at first but he’s a great… GREAT professor. very thorough and clear in his explanations. always open to talk about the material or academic issues. as a professor, clarity is his best attribute.

I thought that his professor was extremely effective and related well to the class. He was fun to listen to and was able to relate what we were learning in class to what actually happens in the corporate world.

Prof Lee has a different teaching style, but it is effective as long as the student puts in the effort.

I really like the way this professor teaches his class. He took the time to let everyone to learn the subject and be clear. I have no complains or bad comment related to this professor. =)

The professor was wonderful, always willing to help a student learn in every situation.

The Teacher is excellent, Teaching style maybe out of the ordinary but looking back on it, the information relayed was better understood

prof Lee is very very good at explaining difficult concepts.

I love the way the Prof. Lee taught this class. His style of teaching was great.

Excellent course, my favorite of this semester. I high recommend Robert H. Smith school KEEP professor Lee on staff for all finance classes. He is an excellent teacher and his methods are revered by many students as well as myself.

Love his teaching style, very knowledgeable of the subject, best professor ever had so far at USG.

the professor was very good an exampling the material. strongly recommended.

Really good teacher. Of all my classes i learned the most in this one and it was always interesting.

Professor Lee is one of the best ones out there. He made it so easy to understand, easy to work through and he was very approachable after and during class.

Very good teching skills.

It was a good class. i enjoyed and learned. I liked the way professor taught the class. He tries to help every single student, outside class or in class. He is always able to understand the gap where students are missing a point and links it well.

Professor is great! He teaches complex concepts/formulas in a easy to understand and memorize way. He also talks about what is different from the text and the real world. Really learned a lot. His lectures are one of those that students cannot miss.

I really liked the teaching style. Made this difficult topic really interesting. I learned a lot from this course, the teacher really has the quality to make the classtime useful and interesting.

Great professor. Really concerened with students succeeding in the course

Prof. Lee is a great teacher. I learned everything in class. I didn’t have to read my book. I just attended all of the classes and reviewed materials before the exams. I learned the metarial by understanding everything he explained in class. I actually was thinking of changing my major from accounting to finance under the condition that Prof. Lee teaches all of my classes. I loved his teaching style. I wish all the teachers learn from him!!

The teacher explained the material very well and made it easy to understand.

He really wants students to understand the material he’s teaching. I think he’s one of the best professors I’ve had so far. I would hope to have him in any other finance course I have to take.

Superb teacher, really enjoyed the class.

The best professor I have ever had!

Professor Lee made this class very interesting. He is one of the best teachers I have had in my four years at this university. We were also lucky that the subject matter could be seen in the real world as the semester progressed

Lee is a great professor! He is straightforward and precise. I think it’s awesome how he spends more time with students after class teaching and helping them understand. I like how he cares more about students understanding of the material then making sure he finished what he planned to teach. Although this is a difficult and very demanding class, he is able to explain things so I can understand in simple terms. I definitely recommend this teacher! I would love to have him again.