Without attribution (verbatim as entered into University student evaluation system)

I loved Professor Lee’s teaching style! It made the class more interesting and efficient. I really like the way he implemented the no-technology rule because this was one of the few classes where I would not touch my cell phone for the period of class.

Best Teacher I think I ever had!!!

Professor Lee is a great teacher. His style was very relevant – teaching from the news – and much more effective than teaching from a textbook. He is the best instructor I’ve ever had.

Professor Lee is an amazing teacher. He clearly tailors the class to the students and is unafraid to deviate from his lesson plan to ensure that students have a strong understanding of the content.

Best teacher I’ve ever had at Maryland. His teaching method challenged students to think outside the box and understand concepts properly instead of just memorizing equations and crunching numbers.

Professor Lee has a very unique teaching style that is extremely effective. He created an environment open to discussion and asking questions unlike any other class I have taken at the Smith school.

Michael Lee is a fantastic teacher. He has a unique and refreshing ability to make even the most complicated topics crystal clear. I wish all my teachers were more like him.

At first I was very worried that there were only four grades in this class, but it turned out that Lee is such a good teacher and the exams are so incredibly fair that I did not need more than those four exam grades to accurately reflect my knowledge of the material.

Michael Lee is a truly amazing teacher. I am so thankful that I signed up for his class.

Lee is one of the better teachers I have had at the Smith School. He does an incredible job of conveying the material to the class and doesn’t try to make it harder than it is like some of the other teachers I have had.

Dr. Lee is no doubt the best professor I have had at UMD. He relates to his class well and can articulate lecture material in a way that everyone can understand. I look forward to taking more classes with him

Professor Lee is the best professor. Everything he teaches in class makes sense, and the logic sticks with you even after you take a test. You actually learn the material in his class, rather than work “just for a grade.” He definitely is the best finance professor I’ve had. I could go on and on about how much I love his teaching style and how great a professor he is. The other professors in the department could definitely learn from his emphasis on teaching material that is practical.

Professor Lee’s teaching style is hands down the best I have had in my time in the business school. He is direct and practical and provides examples for all material. I was able to effectively learn and remember the materials better than ever before.

Very interesting course. Using news articles to teach material is very effective.

Professor Lee has a very effective teaching style that mainly involves lecturing instead of using powerpoints or textbook material. In my opinion, this method is way more efficient and allowed us to learn a significant amount of relevant information instead of dwelling on theories and concepts. He also encouraged us to follow recent developments in the news and we would discuss these recent news as well as the cause and effect.

Professor Lee is an exceptional teacher and was very effective in conveying the course contents through personal experience and good lecturing skills.

This was a great course. We learned from the news, day to day, rather than from a textbook. It was much more effective and useful, as we could apply what we learned today, in our own lives, without having to wait to get a job. Professor Lee is a wonderful teacher. I love his style.

Amazing teacher!

Really enjoyed this course and Professor Lee’s way of teaching it. Did not feel pressured by pointless “participation” points, so those who had something to say added actual quality to the lecture. Loved going to class. Lectures were very to the point, and learned a lot given the time I was there. In fact, took the BAT (Bloomberg Aptitude Test) for another class, and got one of my highest scores in news article analysis. Upper 90s percentile. Thankful for taking this class concurrently.

Professor Lee is an outstanding professor and cares more about his students understanding material and getting something out of the course than covering all aspects of the syllabus.

Very interesting and effective teacher. Extremely responsive to student concerns and queries.

Best professor I’ve had in college by far, and this is my 7th semester.

Dr. Lee is great. I love the way that he teaches and he is extremely knowledgeable. I love that he does not force anyone to participate in class and people just naturally answer his questions.

This is by far the smartest teacher in the business school.

Absolutely incredible professor. I learned so much from the class.

LOVE Professor Lee’s teaching style!

This was hands down the BEST class I have taken thus far at the business school. Professor Lee did not simply throw information at us, nor did he skim the material, he made sure we had a full in depth understanding. He was a fantastic lecturer, I was always fully engaged, which in itself is more than I can say for some other Professors. Professor Lee was extremely knowledgeable in his field and is respected and loved by all of my classmates. I have had a lot of bad Professors during my time in the Smith School, yet somehow they are still here teaching. If you get rid of Professor Lee, you will be robbing your students of one of your greatest assets.

Professor. Lee is a genius and an AMAZING professor!!! Enjoyed this class thoroughly!!

Professor Lee has changed my life. He is the best professor I have ever had in my entire life. I enjoyed going to class and most importantly, I enjoyed Finance. His teaching style was easy to follow and I have learned so much from his class.

It is no exaggeration to say that Prof. Michael Justin Lee is by far the best Professor I have had during my undergraduate career. His care and passion, along with his engaging teaching style made everyone in the class want to attend and never miss a class, even when this was the only class that did not require attendance. Professor Lee gave me real, career useful knowledge that I will be able to use in the future with confidence, something that few other professors can do.

I am a graduating senior and I have recently been reflecting on my four years at Smith. After a lot of thought, I have decided that Michael Lee is by far the most effective and skilled professor that I had. His ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms and relate the course content to the news is unmatched. Based on my conversations with other students, I can comfortably say that most would agree with me. It would be wise for Smith to model finance courses around the way that he teaches his class.

This is by far the best course I have ever taken. The professor teaching style is one of a kind. He is able to incorporate everyday events into each class session, giving us perfect examples of how to apply news into the real world. His class and grading policy is outstanding. The way he structures his courses bring the best out of each student. He keeps the material interesting, useful, insightful and concise. He is by far the best professor I have ever had.

Professor Lee was one of the best professors I have had at the Smith School. You could tell he knew everything, but he did not come off as condescending. He was genuinely concerned that every student had any question they had answered. I loved how class discussion focused on current events, as the foreign and domestic markets are always changing. I took this class because I had him for BMGT343 and he was great. He did not disappoint, in fact he exceeded my expectations. This course content was significantly more complex than 343 but he was able to simplify it in a way that made it easy for every student to understand. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to have taken two classes with him. I would highly recommend any class he teaches in the future to any of my friends. No matter what the subject is, he is able to simplify it to make it understandable by all. Overall a challenging, but worthwhile class taught by an amazing professor.

Professor Lee was awesome. I almost want to sit in the class next semester so that I can learn from him again.

Best Professor I had in the past 3.5 years. Very knowledgeable and brings real life examples. I would take any class anytime with Professor Lee.

Professor Michael Lee was by far the best professor I had in the business school. MAKE THIS MAN THE DEAN! I needed one elective to fill up my schedule this semester and the main reason I took this course was so that I could take another class with him. I wanted to go to class every day. He kept me engaged, he made me think, and he made me want to learn. KEEP THIS MAN AT ALL COSTS! He is one of the best things the business school has going for it right now.

Professor Lee’s teaching style’s is one of the best i have ever came across. THE BEST CLASS!!!

Professor Michael Lee is the best professor I have ever taken. His teaching style is very unique as he focuses on more of the real world stuff, and it helps to understand the material from textbook much easier.

Lee is an excellent teacher. He is so much more engaging than any other business school professor I have had. This is the second class I have had with him and I can’t emphasize enough how good he is.

Professor Lee is a wonderful teacher who truly knows the financial world inside and out. I have truly enjoyed learning from his personal experiences how the financial world works and the role of politics with influencing currencies. I thought that his use of daily newspaper articles to incorporate with the class material helped me to understand the real-world significance. Professor Lee was very responsive to his students throughout the semester and always willing to assist them with any issues they had. He is an excellent teacher, I would highly recommend taking his course to any student.

Professor Lee is an AMAZING lecturer. Smith is lucky to have him and he has by far been my favorite finance professor. Coming from someone not interested in pursuing a career in finance, he kept me engaged the entire semester.

Professor Lee teaches this class exactly how it should be taught. He teaches the fundamentals very well and supports his lesson plans with substantial current event curriculum.

Professor Lee is extremely knowledgeable, respectful, and effective. Other professors should learn from his methods.

Professor Lee is a very well educated person and is able to actually teach this material and show us how it relates to our world both economically and politically.

Professor Lee is an excellent professor! He was able to take a topic that I was not interested in and make me want to major in it. I think I will remember the material for years and year to come because he made it so understandable.

Professor Lee was by far the best teacher I have ever had! Because of him and this course I am interested in pursuing a career in Finance.

The best class that I have taken at the Business School. I found the class to be very interesting and I learned a lot. Professor Lee is a great teacher and I love his teaching style. Keep up the great work!!!

There was something about Professor Lee’s teaching style that I had never experienced before, in a good way. His complete understanding of the material, theories, and how they applied to events in today’s society is without comparison in my opinion. He is one of the most articulate speakers I have ever had the chance to hear present, both in class and at optional events where he spoke. Combined with the Lunch with a Professor opportunity at the beginning of the semester, I think I was able to get a sense of what his motivations are as a professional and professor, which I appreciated and which certainly made the course that much more intriguing. Finally, he displayed a respect for our time as students and was always available for discussion about course topics, careers, or anything else for that matter.

Professor Lee’s teaching style was exactly what I look for in a professor. I felt like he did not spend time on pointless topics wasting our time, and that everything he spoke about really had worth to it. This increased my concentration level in this class ten fold compared to other classes.

Professor Lee is a gifted professor. Arguably the best professor I have ever had in the Smith School. I wish he taught all of my finance courses – I would have a much better understanding of all the material. He has an amazing ability to keep the entire class engaged during his lectures, and he has explained financial concepts in five minutes better than other professors have attempted to explain in an entire class period. Cannot speak highly enough about Professor Lee.

in one word, WOW. Best class I have taken in my whole schooling career. Professor Lee did an AMAZING job teaching the class! He promoted class discussions and had the background in Finance to help put what we were studying into reality. I would not only highly recommend this class but Professor Lee to anyone in the business school.

The professor was great and his teaching style is wonderful. It’s amazing how he taught us such complicated subjects so well! He was very patient, and that helped the students be comfortable in approaching him.

Professor Lee is a great professor. He was able to take a course that is very difficult and teach it in a simple manner. He taught this course so well that at times I felt like I could walk onto Wall Street and excel. (I just understood the material that much).

I learned a lot in this class. Professor Lee far one of the best in finance and the market in general. He brings a lot of expertise and real life experiences and examples. I think anyone that is not taking this class with him is wasting his time and money. If he teaches every course in school I would take it with him.

Professor Lee is a great teacher! Unlike other professors, he makes sure that the class understands the concepts before he continues with the computations. Also, he is very patient and is willing to explain the same information 10 times until everyone understands the material we are presently learning. I wish other professors would put in the same effort in their classes.

He is the man. Best professor i’ve had during my entire college career

Pr. Lee is one of the best Pr’s I have had in the business school, and talking to students with other teachers I believe that he taught in a manner that allowed me to grasp the topic significantly better than other students.

Favorite professor who has obvious passion for his subject matter.

Outstanding professor! Fun class!

The Robert H. Smith School of Business needs more professors like Michael Justin Lee. By far the best professor I have had during my time at Maryland.

I really appreciated the no-nonsense teaching style. Lectures were concise and on point, and the stories told . This caught me off guard because I have never been in a class at UMD where the teacher was this efficient with everyone’s time, it was much appreciated

Professor Lee is awesome- he really cares about his students and makes class extremely interesting with all of his experiences and knowledge in the field. Probably one of the best professors I have had at UMD. He really knows what hes talking about and tries his best to make sure everyone understands the course material. I’d take another class with him just to have him as a teacher again.

Professor Lee is the best professor I have had at maryland. He explains such complex concepts in such an easy to understand way. He is an extremely talented lecturer and has enabled me to understand investing far better than any other professor.

Professor Lee is my favorite professor I have had in college, he engaged the class and made it exciting to learn. He should receive some type of award because I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

Mike Lee is the BEST professor in the business school, smart man!

One of the best teachers I have ever had in my life, he is really really good.

Professor Lee is by far the best professor I have had at the Business School. He really knows the subject of finance and teaches it really well. Has good examples to help us learn the material. A+

Professor Lee is one of the best professors I have ever had at the university of Maryland. He explained everything quite well and made sure everyone in the room understood the sometimes difficult concepts he was explaining. I really enjoyed going to class, and felt like I learned a lot with each class. Highly recommended teacher and I hope to have the opportunity to take another course with him.

The professor is one of the best i’ve had at smith. It very hard not to pay attention to him. he is a great speaker and engages the students.

Teacher is an excellent communicator of course material and is well versed in the subject. Overall excellent in creating course structure and expectations.

I enjoyed this class very much, and felt that Professor Lee was able to make the class interesting. He related several topics to current news, which helped my understanding of the subject very much.

The professor was very engaging and used his experience in the field as well as the book to transmit his knowledge to us. The class was very dynamic and students participated a lot.

I genuinely looked forward to Professor Lee’s lectures. Never before has a professor held my interest for 75 minutes consistently.

Professor Lee teaches from experience and knowledge, rather than repeating textbook information I could simply read. By attending lecture I learn much more additional material about real world investment strategies and theories.

Professor Lee was able to condense the material and break it down to it fundamentals so we could understand it. He put great emphasis on expecting students to understand the material before he move on to the next topic. Highly recommended!

-Professor Lee was very personable, and a great teacher. He was able to translate investment terminology into easily understandable terms.

This is the second class I have taken with Prof. Lee, and once again, I will say he is probably the best professor I have had at the Business School. He makes the material easy to learn by putting it in simple and practical terms. Also, he ensures that everyone fully comprehends the material. I wish he taught more courses.

Michael Lee is an excellent teacher. He is very flexible with all of us. He has extensive knowledge of the subject. I felt like he had a lot of other knowledge to pull from. He taught us things outside of the book which I appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed coming to this class.

Professor Lee is amazing. He makes the subject very interesting. He shows interest in his students.

Excellent lectures. I wish I had the opportunity to take more courses taught by this instructor.

Professor Lee is by far the best professor I have ever had at the University of Maryland. He was very helpful when students asked questions, but even more importantly, he kept the class very interested in the material. He is a great instructor. The exams were relatively hard even though I put a lot of effort into studying for them, but despite that I would take another class with Professor Lee if he offered another class next semester.

Lee is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Professor Micheal Justin Lee is one of the rare professors that you hear all the students astonished and grateful to the way this professor teaches the material . When i am at his class i feel like i am in Harvard Business School. He is just at a level beyond most of the other professors or at least the ones i have taken classes with. Professor Lee is one of the best teacher I’d ever have!!! He is always available to help students who do not understand the materials and he is so patient. He teaches his special way so everybody can understand the materials and apply it to the real world. He is a really special person!!!!

Professor Lee arrived everyday very well prepared for his lectures and utilized the text, slideshows, and most importantly, his expertise, to convey the importance of International Finance in modern-day business. I can’t stress enough how much of a pleasure it was to finally have an instructor who really brings the world of academia and real-life scenarios together and Professor Lee’s teaching style is by far the best I have ever had. Before new topics are introduced he makes sure all students understand the previous content and questions students on a regular basis to ensure they are on board. Polite, to the point, and insightful along with highly-knowledgable all describe Professor Lee and he is a tremendous asset to UMD and the Smith School. I will miss his passion and concern and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Great teacher. Wish the Smith school had more professors that brought real-world experience into classes like Prof. Lee

Great professor. Cares about ANY student concern. Really wants to ensure that everyone is understanding every aspect of the course.

Excellent teacher. Well spoken and can clearly communicate the material. He was the best teacher in my 4 years at responding to emails almost immediately. I would definitely recommend to others.

Prof. Lee is the best professor at UMD

Good course. All business courses should be taught by this teacher.

Professor Lee is the best teacher at the business school in my opinion. He has extensive knowledge of finance and investments and was an excellent teacher.

Prof Lee is one of my favorite professors. Gives engaging lectures that make you want to go to class

Professor Lee did an EXCELLENT job teaching this course and relating material that can sometimes be interpreted as challenging to everyday life examples. Prof Lee also stimulated interest in the subject and incorporated current events and external readings so that students could make the most of his class.

he was an AMAZING TEACHER so engaging fantastic at explaining concepts he has a natural talent for teaching, and his teaching skills are an absolute gift to the business school.

Great teaching style, connects theory with real world application

Michael Lee is a great guy. Loves his students and loves his field of teaching. Highly recommend.

best teacher i have ever had

The professor is a great lecturer and is able to effectively tie the course material to current events.

very effective teacher. really wants to help students learn the material. has very extensive knowledge of the subject and can communicate concepts clearly and effectively.

professor Lee always teaches using real life examples. In the field of business this is highly required. I really like how he incorporates current events related to the lectures and explains them. This course really broadened my perspective and I learned a lot.

This teacher is an excellent teacher. Though the teacher is harder than other teachers, I would highly recommend taking classes with this teacher.

I really liked the structure of the class in that it was completely exam-based. Also, Professor Lee is such a pleasure. A breath of fresh air from the finance department.

Professor is amazing. He makes finance more conceptual than quantitative, which I found refreshing.

Teacher did an excellent job involving current events with the class material to keep it in interesting.

Professor Lee has a way of bringing his practical experience and merging it with the relevant financial and economic theory. His use of current events to help illustrate certain points also made this course quite engaging. For Professor Lee, I’d give an A+ for the reasons I mentioned initially. He is easily one of my favorite professors at College Park.

I love how he talks about the textbook materials and hands-on knowledge about these materials and compare one to another. I learned a lot from him.

love the teacher. very practical! lectures were super interesting and very current events based.

The use of current events and articles was very effective in illustrating fiannce concepts.

Professor Lee was a great teacher. Kept the class really engaged and presented material effectively. He utilized a lot of current news to demonstrate concepts, which was really helpful.

Professor Lee is a really great teacher! I wish some of my other teachers were half as good as professor Lee.

This is the best professor I have ever met in my entire academy life. He is able to explain VERY difficult concepts in a way that the entire class understands. He always kept the class interested and engaged. I HOPE HE BECOMES A FULL TIME PROFESSOR!!!!!!!!! He is the best professor Maryland has!

Prof. Lee is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I feel as though I learned so much from him and his classes. I would love to take another class with Prof. Lee because he makes classes easy to understand and easy to follow. He showed a great deal of experience and was able to make me want to get into the Finance field for my masters degree.

Best Instructor I have ever had. He is able to break down the hardest concepts and simplify them to ensure that everyone understand the subject prior to moving on.

professor is intimidating at first but he’s a great… GREAT professor. very thorough and clear in his explanations. always open to talk about the material or academic issues. as a professor, clarity is his best attribute.

I thought that his professor was extremely effective and related well to the class. He was fun to listen to and was able to relate what we were learning in class to what actually happens in the corporate world.

Prof Lee has a different teaching style, but it is effective as long as the student puts in the effort.

I really like the way this professor teaches his class. He took the time to let everyone to learn the subject and be clear. I have no complains or bad comment related to this professor. =)

The professor was wonderful, always willing to help a student learn in every situation.

The Teacher is excellent, Teaching style maybe out of the ordinary but looking back on it, the information relayed was better understood

prof Lee is very very good at explaining difficult concepts.

I love the way the Prof. Lee taught this class. His style of teaching was great.

Excellent course, my favorite of this semester. I high recommend Robert H. Smith school KEEP professor Lee on staff for all finance classes. He is an excellent teacher and his methods are revered by many students as well as myself.

the professor was very good an exampling the material. strongly recommended.

Really good teacher. Of all my classes i learned the most in this one and it was always interesting.

Professor Lee is one of the best ones out there. He made it so easy to understand, easy to work through and he was very approachable after and during class.

It was a good class. i enjoyed and learned. I liked the way professor taught the class. He tries to help every single student, outside class or in class. He is always able to understand the gap where students are missing a point and links it well.

Professor is great! He teaches complex concepts/formulas in a easy to understand and memorize way. He also talks about what is different from the text and the real world. Really learned a lot. His lectures are one of those that students cannot miss.

I really liked the teaching style. Made this difficult topic really interesting. I learned a lot from this course, the teacher really has the quality to make the classtime useful and interesting.

Great professor. Really concerened with students succeeding in the course

Prof. Lee is a great teacher. I learned everything in class. I didn’t have to read my book. I just attended all of the classes and reviewed materials before the exams. I learned the metarial by understanding everything he explained in class. I actually was thinking of changing my major from accounting to finance under the condition that Prof. Lee teaches all of my classes. I loved his teaching style. I wish all the teachers learn from him!!

The teacher explained the material very well and made it easy to understand.

He really wants students to understand the material he’s teaching. I think he’s one of the best professors I’ve had so far. I would hope to have him in any other finance course I have to take.

Superb teacher, really enjoyed the class.

The best professor I have ever had!

Professor Lee made this class very interesting. He is one of the best teachers I have had in my four years at this university. We were also lucky that the subject matter could be seen in the real world as the semester progressed

Lee is a great professor! He is straightforward and precise. I think it’s awesome how he spends more time with students after class teaching and helping them understand. I like how he cares more about students understanding of the material then making sure he finished what he planned to teach. Although this is a difficult and very demanding class, he is able to explain things so I can understand in simple terms. I definitely recommend this teacher! I would love to have him again.